DistrictLab.H Simulation studio

A thermalhydraulic software for the design and operation of environmentally-friendly district heating or cooling networks.

A unique tool to help engineers deal with the entire life cycle of an urban heating or cooling network project.


Basic design
Calculation of technical and economic indicators, positioning of production sites, definition of an initial route, pre-sizing.
Detailed design
Sizing of generators, sizing of piping elements, sizing of pumps, sizing of substations, network planning.
Verification and Validation

Control and regulation, PID controllers tuning, cascade of generators, cascade of pumps.

Normal Operations
Daily operation strategy, production planning, thermal storage management.
Incidental and accidental Operations

Hydraulic and thermal instabilities, cold trains, boiler unavailability.

Integration of temperature sensitive energy sources
Managing the intermittency of renewable sources, optimizing temperature levels to favor the introduction of renewables.
Temperature and Pressure optimization
Calculation of critical temperatures and derivation of optimized heat curves.

With DistrictLab.H’s ergonomic graphical interface

Produce a digital twin quickly and easily.
Edit mode
In DistrictLab.H™, import your network from a Geographic Information System (G.I.S) or draw it using the editor. Run the automatic modeling tools: import piping elements, import consumers, automatically resize piping elements, etc.
Analyze mode

Create a simulation scenario (choice of time step, weather conditions). Quickly obtain verification of on your operating parameters. Visualize the reality of your network’s operation in all its dimensions: production, distribution, consumption.

User testimonials

« We used DistrictLab.H™ to optimize the operation of a heating network with 60 kilometers of piping, distributing 45 gigawatt-hours of energy per year. The network was historically fuelled by gas. The results convinced the stakeholders to switch part of the system to hot water, thereby reducing operating risks, heat loss and maintenance costs. In addition, DistrictLab.H™ enabled us to identify the cause of malfunctions at numerous consumers, and to propose corrective actions. DistrictLab.H™ offers significant advantages in terms of calculating optimum operating temperatures to reduce losses, and analyzing multi-producer systems.They have enabled us to make significant savings in analysis time. We are currently pursuing our mission by studying with DistrictLab.H™ the implementation of high-temperature heat pumps to decarbonize our heat production. »
Ivan Hernandez Alayeto

Energy Efficiency Engineer, Grenoble, France

« Our company operates several district heating and cooling networks in the city of Lausanne. Under the impetus of the Climate Plan, these networks are about to undergo major changes. The objectives of energy efficiency and decarbonization of networks are forcing us to push back the limits, whether in the design, sizing or operation phases. In this context, DistrictLab.H™ is an invaluable aid in guiding our investment choices and mitigating project risks in the existing networks for which we are responsible. The completeness of the DistrictLab.H™ solution enables us to study all aspects of the network, from generation to distribution to the substation.For example, thanks to the solution’s high degree of modularity, we have studied an innovative three-pipe network concept that reconciles an existing infrastructure with low-temperature waste heat recovery. »
Clément Dromart

Strategic Asset Management Engineer, Services Industriels City of Lausanne, Switzerland

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