A District Heating software solution to track 100 % of energy losses in thermal grids.

Bringing humans
the possibility to access
a sustainable thermal comfort

DistrictLab-H is a unique Computer-Aided Engineering solution to optimize the design and operation of District thermal grids.

our solution

Numerically Efficient
and Accurate

  • Represents the production, distribution and consumption domains within a single integrated tool based on a unique thermal-hydraulic kernel.
  • Analyses complex systems on a simple laptop within seconds.
  • Automates the building and maintenance of models from a Geographical Information System database.

and scalable

  • Maintains performance indicators from mega- to giga-Watt systems.
  • Covers all main kinds of network architectures (e.g. two-tube, three-tube, open network), topologies (tree-shaped, meshed layout) and technology generation in the district heating and cooling fields.

Fast to set-up
and Productive

  • Minimizes set-up effort relying on DistrictLab’s model builder approach.
  • Reports errors in their relevant context for immediate review and correction.
  • Automates the (re)sizing of network portions in static and/or dynamic analysis.
  • Easily tests and validates control strategies allowing continuous improvement of design and operation.

Advantages With DistrictLab-H

Access to highler levels of efficienty and confidence
in the design of new thermal systems

Simply assess, challenge and improve existing
network control strategies

Reconciliate energy efficiency and heat
delivery security for your customers

Reduce network temperature, save energy and money

User testimonials

« PLANAIR (Engineers for Energy Transition) has been active in the field of heating and cooling networks since 1985. Faced with the growing complexity of these systems and to meet the challenge of decarbonising them, PLANAIR decided to train in Districtlab-H™ Simulation Studio because this solution combines a high level of modularity, accurate and reliable calculations, high computational efficiency and highly responsive support. Districtlab-H™ Simulation Studio enabled us, for example, to size a meshed network undergoing major expansion and incorporating a complex waste heat recovery system with thermal storage. In addition to sizing, the solution enabled us to define optimised operating strategies. »


Renewable energy project manager at PLANAIR

« SIG (Services Industriels de Genève) is responsible for a highly ambitious program to roll out district heating and cooling networks in the canton of Geneva. In a highly constrained urban context (pressure on land, availability of sources, etc.), achieving our environmental objectives (CO2 content, renewable energy rate, price for the end user, etc.) will only be possible by deploying a large number of producers on the same network. Our strategic objective is also to automate the operation of this system. With this in mind, DistrictLab has been involved in formalizing and simulator-testing a multi-generator control and regulation strategy for the Palettes network, located in the GeniTerre sector. Specifically, an accurate thermal-hydraulic simulator was coupled with a dynamic simulation of the control and command system. In less than 2 months, the Simulation Studio tool validated that the proposed strategy was well suited to the thermal-hydraulic sizing of the facilities. In addition, the hydraulic stability of the control system was demonstrated. These results are essential and we are now able to look forward with confidence to the stages of programming the PLCs and then commissioning the facilities. This work also paves the way for scaling up our strategy. »

Julie Salamin

District Heating Project Manager at Services Industriels de Genève, Switzerland

About us


CEO and co-founder

Fundamentally, I believe that our developed societies face huge ecological, energy and sustainability challenges and that these call for a compelling need for change. I want to be an actor of this change by creating a structure that will allow itself and its members the freedom to dare! I’ll drive DistrictLab based on my experience gained through a decade of work spend solving the problem of optimal design and operation of District Thermal systems.


CSO and co-founder

I am fully committed to prove that it is possible to build a virtuous economy. After 14 years working for the world leader in energy training simulation and 12 years as CEO and founder of L3S that have provided several software solutions for utilities, I am glad to bring together with Roland the best talented people for the common good in the energy sector.

CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission is a founding member of the DistrictLab company. The DistrictLab project was born and matured in one of CEA’s laboratory where the thermal-hydraulic kernel of our solution was entirely developed, verified and validated.

You want to
change the game
and built a climate- friendly future?

Today’s energy security crisis is essentially a heating crisis. Heating and cooling account for 50% of EU energy demand, with natural gas supplying a stunning 42% of the thermal demand.

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